Cross Your Heart
Narrative Short Film
12 Minutes


After serving 3 years in prison, Andre returns to the home of his ex-girlfriend, Sheila. Hoping to rekindle their relationship and re-connect with the 5 year-old daughter that they share, Andre soon learns that not only has Sheila moved on but his kid no longer remembers him. Andrew fights to gain the trust of his daughter and in the end is forced to decide whether he's ready to be the father she needs him to be.



Starring Honesty Caroline
Nedra McClyde
Alexis Savino
Damiyr Shuford
Writer / Director Michael E. Wood
Producer Shyra Smart
Cinematographer Joey Kuhn
Production Designer Kelly Diaz
Costume Designer Maria Hooper
Editor Michael E. Wood
  Claire Harlam

Andre & Kiara




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